Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Arm Cast Wonder

I joke a lot these days about how I hope Adeline gets her dad's bone structure. Otherwise she will be a frail little wimp like I was and spend most of her childhood in a cast of some sort. I know these things because I have gone to the emergency room for 3 broken arms. "But Stefanie, you only have 2 arms". Exactly
I want to apologize for the grainy photos, but I took a quick pic of some scrapbook pages that document my ridiculous duo of arm casts.

I was in 3rd grade at the time of the incident (exactly one year after I broke my left arm for the first time), I was outside playing on my metal swingset with my niece who was 3ish years old at the time. I was doing that stupid thing that kids do on the swing, where you swing as high as you can, and you jump out as far as you can. Oh wait, kids don't do that? Well I did. At any rate, I had picked up some great speed and height before I took the plunge. My intentions were good, and I of course had envisioned myself soaring like an eagle across the yard. Alas, my foot somehow got caught up in the swing-  post jump, and what followed was a change in my course of direction. I plunged (at a vast speed) straight into the ground. It gets better...

I thought that my scrawny twig like arms would cushion the blow, nope. Both arms broke instantly. Then it was time for my face, yea it was next. My face hit the ground so hard it broke my glasses and possibly my nose. I don't even know how in the hell I got up and into a kneeling position, but I did. I imagine there was a lot of staring blankly, blinking, and processing going on, but before I could figure out that I had just gotten 100% rocked by my swingset my niece Chelsia decides that she wants to be scared and jumps on me to hold her. WITH TWO BROKEN ARMS. At that stage there was so much blood everywhere I just gave up and screamed. Couldn't very well go anywhere with a crazy toddler hanging on me now could I? A big fat F goes out to my dad and my sister for both being inside of the house when these shenanigans all went down

Anywho - when they finally got outside they had a sight to see! Dad rushed me to the emergency room, not sure what the rush was for because those assholes let me sit in the waiting room for almost 3 HOURS before calling me back, all the while dad just held rags on my face. Thanks emergency medical services. Mom was on her way to a concert when the incident occurred, but with the useless wait time she had plenty of time to get to us before I was called back anyways. I imagine my mom didn't leave me behind with anyone for a very, very long time. 

I spent the next few months trying to do normal people stuff with two stupid arm casts. What a waste of time! At least I didn't further injure myself. Geeeesh. 

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