Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to Potty Train Your Kid in 3 hours.

The title is a little lofty, and I hate to toot my own horn here- but I either have some mad teaching skills, or a genius for a child. Let's go with both A and B.

I have the week off (the office is closed so we can all have vacation time out of the way at one time). I figured it is too damn hot to do much anyways so I wanted to see if Adeline would be interested in using the restroom, outside of her pants.

When she woke up yesterday morning I put her in the bathroom on her annoying little potty. Which I can't decide what is more annoying; it's base recording (which is a woman saying GOOD JOB ALEX) or the fact that I can't figure out how to record my own voice on it. I always wanted to be a small plastic toilet. Here's my chance.
 Holy crap, I just found out there is an eHow for this very toilet
Anywho, the first two times I sat her on this potty she screamed as though I was murdering her so very terribly that I am positive she alerted the entire neighborhood watch

An hour later (and a few books and dolls to help me explain what was going on here) and she felt like maybe she could sit on it without bursting anyone's eardrums. But she certainly wasn't going to pee yet. She hopped up and took off bare cheekies to the wind. By the time I got to the end of the hall with her diaper in hand I just watched in utter horror as she ran through my new craft room, peeing on every bit of available floor space. Oh, and laughing maniacally of course. Comes with the territory I said, as she finished marking hers.

I feel that I have shared enough details here, the moral to the story is that she and I just spent about 24 hours sitting in a bathroom. The key is entertainment. However, by the end of Day 1 she had 3 successful trips to the crazy little potty. Day 2 was met with double the fun, 6 successful trips. I would like to thank Huggies for the ever stylish Minnie Mouse pull ups she is proudly sporting. I can see why potty training can be odd and confusing, I put her favorite characters on her butt, they disappear if she has an accident, and her small plastic toilet sounds like her mother. Well right now it just sounds like a female telemarketer cheering for some kid named Alex. Maybe that is weirder.

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