Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Emerald Isle

In less than a month Brett and I will be drinking a pint in the Southwest town of Kenmare, Ireland. I honestly am having a hard time waiting to pack my bags!

With the new house renovation, constant family drama, and friends twisting the knives they've stuck in my back, I am seriously going to have such a great time being in a different country!

I do, however, foresee Brett and I coming across a few obstacles during our adventures in Ireland.
I am going to call the obstacles "bloopers" because it will probably be some really funny shit.

Blooper #1: The rental car.
When we arrive at the Shannon airport after hours & hours of flying and layover time, we will pick up our rental car. The sweet ride we are getting hooked up with? a Nissan MICRA. The name screams tiny car. Notice the correlation between MICRA and MICROscopic?
So here is the deal,
This is Brett in our old, normal sized apartment:

notice how he is much larger than standard sized furniture (he makes the fridge look like a Coleman cooler!). He is 6'5''-6'7'' ish depending on his shoes, and an easy 285lbs.
Now, the "Micra" we will be picking up (literally) can be found here. Oh the joys of making your husband uncomfortable. Nevermind that he will be A-driving on the wrong side of the road, and B-operating a stick shift on the opposite side. It should be the most entertaining thing to watch!

Blooper #2: Navigating in the pocket size car
Not to knock on him, but Brett would get lost trying to get out of our driveway if he didn't have me around. I am not sure if that is because he knows what he knows, and our little town and the city of Atlanta is not something he is used to yet or what. But bless his heart he gets turned around super easy. And I am noticing as I try to map out various stops during our vacation that no place has a direct address! No street numbers, rarely a street name, just landmarks. Good thing we have no planes or trains to catch (until the end of the trip of course). I foresee us stopping and asking for directions. A lot. I will probably be doing the asking, I don't see Brett taking the car off and putting it back on too easily!

Blooper #3: My tolerance level for alcohol
I am not sure what happened over the span of a few short years... But, for some reason, my 21st birthday marked the death of my tolerance for booze. Shortly after my megadeathbirthday I could barely get a drink or two in before I was seriously buzzed. I switched to beer. That helped me none. With all of the pubs and pints we will be partaking in during our trip I foresee fun times. Fun Times. So, I guess Brett will be lugging me over one shoulder in Ireland, and our Nissan Micra over the other. I will probably look a little something like this:

photo and t-shirt courtesy of my Canadian husband.

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