Wednesday, February 17, 2010


197 days until the biggest 4 day party I generally partake in goes down.
That's right, I go to Dragon Con.

Usually we wander around with our paranormal crew. It is the one weekend that I take no responsibility for my wardrobe, what I eat, what I drink, or where I wander off to. It is amazingly spectacular. I generally like to stock up on Goodfellas cheese pizza and enough beer to sink a tiny ship. This year I kinda mixed it up a bit, as you can tell from a few messages I may have sent out!Oy! These messages and shenanigans prompted this Christmas gift:
Which was possibly the best Christmas gift ever!

The next step for planning this years trip...what or who do I want to be? I kinda want something ninja/catsuit-ish. (But I can't be too stealthy or Brett won't be able to keep up with my drunk little ass) Decisions decisions. Last Dcon I made a princess lolly costume. Which was quite efficient, tiny, and cute. Dcon occurs in Georgia = ungodly hot and humid. So less is more when it comes to costuming!

Any ideas or suggestions for costumes for me or the big guy are welcome and appreciated! I can never seem to con Brett into playing dress up. Sigh.

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  1. Hmmmm, skimpy sci-fi/fantasy costume for DCon. I'm thinking... Slave Leia! Although, Ty might follow you around leaving a slobber trail. Ish. :)