Thursday, February 4, 2010

Peace, Love, and Recycle

These little 6x6'' originals are a trio that I put together for an art show this fall.

One of the many hats I wear is being the Director of Creative Out Loud, an art club I started up 3 years ago. Each month at our meetings we draw 3 very random themes from a box. Each member has the next month to create something that has anything to do with one of those themes. It is pretty neat to see what everyone comes up with.

This particular month I had chosen Peace, Love, & Recycle as the theme for my project. I used some magazine clippings, various paints, wire, old match pack, fishing hook, and who knows what else.

I will occasionally post about the club and what we are doing, and some of my projects for the group.

Next month we will be starting our own workshops, so be ready to see some awesome creations!

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